The Convergence: 7 Resolves to Release What You Were Born to Do

The Convergence inspires and equips readers seeking and willing to intentionally move from enduring their work to engaging a place of purpose and passion in what they do day to day.  In a world where the majority of people feel vocationally out of place, (Statistics say that as many as 80% feel like they don’t think they’re in the right spot) this book offers a roadmap on how to be part of a new generation of people to engage their own “convergence.”  The convergence involves moving to a place where you can be “being fully free to be who you are – doing what you were born to do – in the place you’re meant to do it.” 

The book’s “seven resolves to release what you were born to do” offers a workable and valid journey for those proactively moving forward with clarity and confidence.  The benefits for those willing to embrace the resolves include *Your own authenticity *More energy *Restful productivity *Greater Joy  *Increased earning  potential  and * A clear purpose with a building legacy. 

The Convergence is absolutely a must for those in transition and ready to “make this change count.”  Its also written for leaders who want to maximize their best energy in their leadership roles.   The book is a great gift for those about to graduate or even seeking a major that places them in a place of passion for their next stages.  Its philosophy agrees with James Russell Lowell who said, “No one is born into this world whose work is not born with him.”   The book then offers the challenge and practical tools to find out what that “work” is - then be able to do something about it.

"I so resonate with the vision and practical wisdom found in this book! I’ve already shared it with my team and online network."  Scott Olson, CEO and President, International Teams

"The longest journey in business and in life is usually from the head to the heart.   Reading this, you'll discover The Convergence to be the bridge between the two."    Robert Lyman CFP, President Sequoia Financial Network

"This tool, The Convergence, plays an integral role in assisting you in understanding how God has wired you and what He might want you to do with your wiring." Andrew Williames, President, Chicago Executive Forum

"Jeff Caliguire writes in such as way as to invite you into your own place of discovery...about your life. I love books that not only are inspiring to read, but that lead to life change. This one does both. And it is one that when I feel stuck or discouraged in living out my dreams, I will refer to again and again."  Linda Bryant, Endeavor Alumni & Author

"The Convergence" gives a high challenge to dream big and to take action on those dreams. Jeff gives practical tools on how to maximize the passions in your interior world, so that you can activate on your dreams and impact the exterior world. Dreaming big is great, but actually living your dreams out every day is greater. This book gives empowering direction on how to turn your dreams into reality. "The Convergence" has impacted my life so much, that I am giving the book to family and friends so that they will be inspired to live their dreams, too! No matter where you are on your dream journey, "The Convergence" will inspire you to take the next steps necessary to living the "best version" of yourself. (Tara Rumler, NowGen Leader)


The Convergence: 7 Resolves to Release What You Were Born to Do
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